Monday, July 1, 2013

Rhode Island

Next stop: Rhode Island and the fancy little town of Watch Hill.
the marina

the "main drag"

carousel on the beach at the end of the street 

This is a small and funny carousel built in 1884- the oldest one we visited (!) - and all of the horses have crazylong, flowing, real hair manes and tails. They look like a gang of crusty old punk rockers and hippys- and I mean that in the best possible way. LOVED THEM!

pretty ol' hippy


ol' speckled hen ;0)

This was also the only example of a "suspended" carousel that we visited. The horses are hanging/swinging and there is no platform below. Cool!

Next stop was the Atlantic Beach Park Carousel in Misquamicut Beach, MA. Carousel down by the beach:

and this surreal scene:
Move along, nothin' to see here. Just a man tryin' to enjoy his ice cream.

The doors were open but nobody was home so I made myself at home and started snapping a ton of photos. Then the proprietor arrived (not thrilled to see me in there) and flipped on the lights and music. I made a few more pics and decided it was time to mosey!

Fun to photograph the carousel without all those pesky children! (I'M KIDDING! Kinda. But seriously, folks...)

Lots of freaky carvings on the roundabout.

This carousel was built in 1915 and it's original location is unknown. Lots of mystery and history surrounding so many of these carousels.

carousel ettiquette

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