Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Last Day of Carousel-ing...OR IS IT???

(In the voice of that one guy on Dateline.)

Day 7 of our trip included visits to two more carousels- the last ones on our agenda.
We hated to leave our amazing room at The Ocean Club on Smuggler's Beach in Yarmouth, MA.
(I've been saving up hotel credits for almost two years in anticipation of a free night- A splurge for Brad's birthday!)

I want to live in this little apartment overlooking the beach!

(Regarding the name of the hotel.)

Adorable neighborhood cat doing naughty cat things in a garden.

First stop was the carousel at Cape Cod Carousel and Funhouse Arcade in Hyannis, MA. This was the only carousel we visited that had all metal animals. It was also the newest of the "vintage" carousels we saw- built in 1957 by Allan Herchell.

LOL FunnyBunny- you're scaring the brown horse!

Where's Waldo?

Wonderful World, indeed.

The last carousel turned out to be one of my favorites! (I was asked to "Calm Down." Heeeeee!) The Paragon Carousel in Hull, MA has been in operation at Nantasket Beach for more than 80 years. Built in 1928 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Co. it is a "Grand Carousel" (it has four rows of animals.) It has 35 of the ORIGINAL paintings, 15 carved cherubs and ladies, and a Wurlitzer Band Organ. The Paragon Park amusement park of the early 1900s closed in 1984 and the carousel is the only ride that remains.

An old-timey view of the park. *sigh* via Wiki
The carousel house today.



If anyone needs to calm down it is the guy with the flag. What the?!

The Wurlitzer.

Two white horses pulling a chariot.

The colors on this carousel- I'm dying.

Cherubs, butterflies, lights- oh, my!


 That was the last stop so we had a toast on the beach. I swore I wouldn't say the word "carousel" for a good while.

Cheers to Brad! My hero rockstar traffic master!

Stay tuned to find out how long I went without blabbing about carousels. ;0)
Thank you for reading!

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