Wednesday, July 3, 2013

One Last 'Round!

On day 8 we were scheduled to fly out of BOS (where we started) back home to MSP. Lucky for us our flight was delayed three times (!?) so we got an extra day to spend exploring.

I discovered there is a Carousel Restoration Expert right in the town of Hull so I swung by his shop for a visit. It was dark but I snapped a few pics through the window. Really sad that I didn't get to chat with him.

We walked around town:
A view from the hill- you can just barely see Boston in the distance.

Hmmm..."settled by the Puritans" is one way of putting it... At any rate- Hull is OLD!

Nantasket is Nantastic!

Hanging out in Boston with ol' snaggle tooth and ol' blue eyes.

Our flight followed the sunset home so this was my view for most of the ride. A beautiful site for reflecting. 

I am so excited to get back into the studio and MAKE SOME ART! 
More on that here very soon...stay tuned, won't you?

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