Sunday, June 30, 2013


After staying in Atlantic City we were anxious to get on the road again.  Our next stop was the boardwalk in Seaside Heights New Jersey which was devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  There was lots of construction and repair going on all over the town. Here are some photos from what it looked like after the storm:

Boardwalk destroyed- via RidgewoodPatch

Now there is a brand new boardwalk and everything looks shiny and new.

And it IS a boardwalk so there was plenty of creepy and/or giant stuff:

The carousel- built in 1910!

...a special distinction.

lots of great animals

another freakshow!

Wow! Im really teally tired. I just spent a long time trying to remember where we went next:
OLD LYME, CT! A sleepy litte town with a funny ol' carousel. 

There is an OLD carousel around here somewhere!

This carousel is small and charming deco-y- or something! Built in 1925.  Lots of kids were having a blast trying to "grab the brass ring." The more photos and videos I took the more I fell in love with this little gem.

Ferry ride!

On Day 4 we woke up early to spend a nanosecond on the sand at the beach before breakfast- and before the tourists took over:
Ocean City, MD- We walked almost 5 miles each way to the carousel the night before and we were really tired.

Since we needed a little break from driving so much we decided to shave some time off of the days trip by taking our car onto the Cape May- Lewes Ferry between Deleware and New Jersey. It was a lovely ride.

Our next carousel was on the boardwalk at Ocean City, NJ.  Another carnival with rides, etc but we were surprised to find that it was MUCH more mellow than the one in Ocean City, MD. (Maybe because we arrived earlier in the day?) A very cute little town- nothing like I was expecting.
View of the boardwalk from the carousel.

View of the beach from the boardwalk.

I really want to go on the rides but I never do as we have to keep moving.

This is carousel has all wood/carved animals and was built in 1926. 

For some reason all of the horses on this carousel are painted all white. (???) Still beautiful!

Hard to photograph but the old paintings on the roundabout of this carousel were out of this world- all kinds of weird scenes. Even a kitty chasing bugs! There wasn't anyone around to talk to about this carousel so I'll definitely need to research those more when I get home.

More of the paintings.

Girl with a rooster, a hunting dog.

A lion. I'm sure all of these children (and their parents) are wondering why the strange lady keeps taking photos of them and seems a little over-amused at the amusements. This girl looks worried.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pennsylvania FAIL

Day 3 of my carousel road trip was quite and adventure.

In the morning we walked from our hotel in Red Hook through the new/under-construction Brooklyn Bridge Park en route to Jane's Carousel. The park is AMAZING- full of art, swimming pools, soccer fields, basketball courts, gardens, BBQ areas- gorgeous! (Minneapolis could learn a thing or two there for our riverfront development.)

This arty basketball hoop installation reminded me of Minneapolis artist Aaron Dysart's tree limb installations. NEAT!

Jane's Carousel (built in 1922- click to read about it!) is located right at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side.  Right on the water- so fun and beautiful.

I took a ton of reference photos of the animals but it got REALLY crowded (and I am The World's Worst Photographer) so my photos don't do it justice.
Here are a few professional shots from around the web:

There she is! Under the bridge- via onlytheblogknowsbrooklyn

...and here is a shot of the carousel during Hurricane Sandy. Sad and beautiful- very glad she survived!
via this article in the New Yorker.

Me and B being cheesy in the park.

Quick lunch at Vegatarian Ginger and we're outta there!

Let's just skip over the next part of the trip. Pennsylvania did not go well! Good thing I called to double check about the carousel before we made it all the way there. Brad's positivity saved the day and I re-planned the next leg of the trip. 

Lots of bridges.

...and tolls! Uff.
 Instead of PA and VA- we headed straight for Ocean City, MD.

It is such a beautiful piece of land- too bad it is so over-run by spring break style party-ers.

...BUT the carousel was AMAZING!  It was built in 1902 and has: 
12 Jumping Horses, 11 Standing Horses, 25 Menagerie Animals (1 Camel, 2 Cats, 1 Deer, 2 Dogs, 1 Dragon, 2 Frogs, 2 Giraffes, 1 Goat, 1 Lion, 2 Mules, 2 Ostriches, 2 Pigs, 2 Roosters, 1 Stork, 1 Tiger, 2 Zebras), 4 chariots. I took 80 bazillion photos and videos. I'll spare you.

Seeing the carousels at night is the best thing.

This carousel is completely covered with freaky fabulous paintings and carvings.

 funhouse mirror 

There was also a mini carousel for babies! I'm dying!

Thank you for reading! Stop back tomorrow. ;0)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Carousel by the Sea

We were up at the crack of dawn again yesterday to make it to a special appointment at the Carousel at Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, CT. The carousel is not normally open on Tuesday's (BIG THANK YOU to Sabrina Bruno for granting me special access!!!) but I was able to get in to take photos before a private event.

WOW! What a beautiful spot for a carousel right by the water. This carousel is all wood/carved and built in 1911.  Tons of beautiful paintings all over the roundabout, lots of lights and mirrors.

 National Register of Historic Places.

Pit stop for nummy tofu breakfast at The Pantry in New Haven.

The town of New Haven is so charming- I wanted to stay all week but there are so many carousels and so little time. There are not many carousels open on Tuesdays so we followed the music to a funny little children's amusement park- Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, NY. 

The view of NYC form the road in to Queens.

This carousel, built in 1903-1908 had a cute and folk-sy restoration paint job and is seated right next to a petting zoo. 

Check out the paint job on this cutie!

Llama at the petting zoo.

Exhausted and stinky (it is 90+ degrees in NY!) but still enough energy for having a beer and making a new friend at Brooklyn Bait & Tackle in Red Hook.

Brad! My hero! A great driver (except for that one exit ramp) and travel companion!

I LOVE New York so much- it pains me to leave so quickly- but there is hardly time to sleep and shower (much less go skydiving! Wink wink.) I am super excited to visit Jane's carousel in Brooklyn today and then we are off again! 
Thank you for visiting.