Sunday, June 30, 2013


After staying in Atlantic City we were anxious to get on the road again.  Our next stop was the boardwalk in Seaside Heights New Jersey which was devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  There was lots of construction and repair going on all over the town. Here are some photos from what it looked like after the storm:

Boardwalk destroyed- via RidgewoodPatch

Now there is a brand new boardwalk and everything looks shiny and new.

And it IS a boardwalk so there was plenty of creepy and/or giant stuff:

The carousel- built in 1910!

...a special distinction.

lots of great animals

another freakshow!

Wow! Im really teally tired. I just spent a long time trying to remember where we went next:
OLD LYME, CT! A sleepy litte town with a funny ol' carousel. 

There is an OLD carousel around here somewhere!

This carousel is small and charming deco-y- or something! Built in 1925.  Lots of kids were having a blast trying to "grab the brass ring." The more photos and videos I took the more I fell in love with this little gem.

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