Sunday, June 23, 2013

It begins...

On Monday, June 24, 2013 I am heading out for my whirlwind to ROAD TRIP to visit as many carousels as possible on the East Coast. Brad, my trusty companion, and I are flying to BOS and then driving South. Our plan is ambitious and we are so excited!
If you'd like to follow along on this adventure please stop back as I'll be posting all along the way.

* Below is a repost from my other/regular blog where I announced some of the details of my project:

You guys! I'm so excited! I am the proud, thrilled, giddy and nervous recipient of a...

Carousel Cat, 24x24", mixed media
(My collaboration with Michael Cina, Joseph Belk and Carly Shoen for Working Title.)

This is a super big deal for me- my first grant ever
and I am sooooo over the moon about my project!
My grant is for "funding to research, create, and document a body of large-scale paintings based on vintage carousel animals and traditional carousel vignette paintings.

I'm cuckoo for carousel animals.

This spring I'll be taking my fascination (obsession?) with vintage carousel animals on the road to visit old school carousels throughout the US.

See how crazy I am about carousels? 
This is me and my friend Ngoc on the carousel in Central Park. Thanks for the pic,  Amy Crickenberger Oeth.

AND THEN- I'm going to make some big paintings and have a solo exhibition at the soon-to-open Public Functionary gallery in Northeast Minneapolis. 

Will you donate via Kickstarter to help give Public Functionary wings?
Limited edition prints of my painting, "Stampede", at the $100 level:

Thank you for reading. I'll post more about my travel/project here soon.
(NOTE: Public Functionary has since met their goal and completed their first exhibition! AND this print is now available in my Etsy shop.)

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