Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ferry ride!

On Day 4 we woke up early to spend a nanosecond on the sand at the beach before breakfast- and before the tourists took over:
Ocean City, MD- We walked almost 5 miles each way to the carousel the night before and we were really tired.

Since we needed a little break from driving so much we decided to shave some time off of the days trip by taking our car onto the Cape May- Lewes Ferry between Deleware and New Jersey. It was a lovely ride.

Our next carousel was on the boardwalk at Ocean City, NJ.  Another carnival with rides, etc but we were surprised to find that it was MUCH more mellow than the one in Ocean City, MD. (Maybe because we arrived earlier in the day?) A very cute little town- nothing like I was expecting.
View of the boardwalk from the carousel.

View of the beach from the boardwalk.

I really want to go on the rides but I never do as we have to keep moving.

This is carousel has all wood/carved animals and was built in 1926. 

For some reason all of the horses on this carousel are painted all white. (???) Still beautiful!

Hard to photograph but the old paintings on the roundabout of this carousel were out of this world- all kinds of weird scenes. Even a kitty chasing bugs! There wasn't anyone around to talk to about this carousel so I'll definitely need to research those more when I get home.

More of the paintings.

Girl with a rooster, a hunting dog.

A lion. I'm sure all of these children (and their parents) are wondering why the strange lady keeps taking photos of them and seems a little over-amused at the amusements. This girl looks worried.

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